Northport’s CRYPTIQ Inc. asks,
“How well did you know Grandma?”

“GRANDMA’S BASEMENT” will close on 7/30. We will re-open in September with a new theme: “The Newsroom.”

Grandma Edna lived life to its fullest! She will settle her estate for once and for all by 7/30.

Edna married her second husband, Troy, later in life. Troy was a playboy who was more interested in Grandma’s fortune than in Grandma. Edna was on to Troy’s game, but she liked keeping him around as arm candy when she went to her weekly poker game. In the end, Grandma left several wills in her basement as a test. She knew that only those who truly knew her best would find the wills and know which ONE was the REAL WILL which expressed her true wishes.

Edna’s estate is due to be settled in 60 minutes – it’s up to YOU to identify her REAL WILL and escape with that information in time.

How well did you know Grandma Edna?! Your chance to share in her fortune depends on it…

“Grandma’s Basement” is designed for SIX to TEN players.
A minimum of SIX players is required for an escape attempt.

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