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Long Island’s Room Escape Experience

What is a Room Escape?


Participants race against the clock to find clues, uncover hidden messages and themes, and solve riddles and logic puzzles with the goal of unlocking the room door within a frenzied 60 minutes.


Our puzzles will test your logic and deductive reasoning talents, problem-solving and observation skills, number sense, trivia and pop culture knowledge, spatial relations, sense of humor, and ability to work as part of a team.


Part scavenger hunt, part race, part ultimate mystery game, our room escape requires quick thinking, teamwork, and a keen desire to have loads of fun while working under the pressure of the ticking clock!


Gamers. Armchair detectives. Trivia savants. Mystery lovers. Modern-day Sherlocks. The game is intended for people of all skill sets; no special skills are required. Everyone actively contributes to a successful escape!

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